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We aim to introduce beekeeping to adults and children in order to promote pollinators, honey bees and beekeeping and in so doing, stewardship of the environment. In support of this mission, our classes, seminars and mentorship programs help teach beginning to advanced beekeepers of all walks of life how to responsibly maintain their own hives. Please scroll down to view the various classes we have to offer. 



So you’d like to become a beekeeper?
Then you’ve come to the right place! If you’re thinking about starting a backyard beehive or are just curious about what’s involved with keeping bees, then this is a great introductory class for you. We will teach you how the honey bee lives, discuss hive designs, and tell you lots of practical information about how to set up your first beehive.

This class will focus on various beekeeping practices. So, even if you have read a few books, taken some other classes or already started keeping bees, this class will still have a lot to offer you.


  • – The Anatomy of Bees
  • – The Honey Bee Life Cycle
  • – The Role of the Drone Bee
  • – The Role of the Queen Bee
  • – The Role of the Worker Bee
  • – Preparing Your Beehive
  • – Installing A Package of Bees
  • – Feeding Bees
  • – Inspection Habits & Record Keeping
  • – The Beehive Inspection
  • – And much more


Taking a beekeeping class is essential for today’s beekeeper. Don’t try to do it on your own, let us help you ensure you have a great year of beekeeping!
We will also teach you how the honey bee lives, discuss different hive designs, what tools to buy, how to place your hive, how to acquire bees, honey harvesting methods, and common hive pests. Plus, tons of practical information about how to be successful as a beekeeper, what to look for during inspections and how to avoid common mistakes.

Who are this courses for:

  • Anyone that wants to learn how to set up a beehive.
  • Anyone that want to learn more about beekeeping & Honey Bees.



01/23/2021 | INTRODUCTION TO BEEKEEPING 9AM to 1PM | Price: $30
This is a detailed class covering major aspects about starting your own apiary from basic honey bee biology, colony diversity, hive setup, buying bees, equipment, treatment options, pests, things to consider and much more.

This class is offered via ZOOM

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Ask one question to 10 beekeepers and you get 10 answers, right? Not all of those answers are wrong, but his worsens when a new beekeeper begins doing what experienced or commercial beekeepers recommend without the knowledge of how to do it. Let’s face it, you are confused!! Oxalic or formic? Crystals or dribble? Oxalic and glycerin on shop towels? Langstroth hive? Flow hive? Warre? Top bar? Plastic frames or real beeswax frames? Treat once in the spring and once in the fall?

Most colonies are lost from mistakes beekeepers are making by following the old paradigm of beekeeping!

Information is being circulated on how to keep bees that’s based on beekeeping prior to varroa, viruses and reduced foraging opportunities! It’s time to shift this paradigm and stop listening to wrong information. Let me introduce your to the new paradigm of beekeeping based on proven science, not club chatter folklore. Taking beekeeping classes is essential for today’s beekeeper. Be well informed before you start keeping bees by enrolling in one of our beekeeping classes or hiring us to mentor you in every step of the way.

We offer private mentoring / classes as needed, depending on the time of the year and location this service is $90 – $120 an hour (additional travel cost may apply depending on your location).

We are here to make your beekeeping experience as pleasant as possible.

Perhaps you are a new beekeeper and need help performing your first hive check. Are you worried that your queen is gone? Does the idea of doing a mite check by yourself cause concern? We are here to help with everything from assessing the health of your bees to showing you how to remove the honey from your hive. Call us at (203) 293-7353 to schedule your house call.

Sharing our passion for bees with our clients is what we love to do. We offer both private training and group classes. Learn about bees in the privacy of your own home by scheduling monthly training with one of our full time beekeepers. We will work with you to design a beekeeping program that suits your needs. We can set up sessions by the week, by the month or as often as you need. We can even assist in getting your hive delivered to your location. For those looking to learn beekeeping in a group setting, our Beekeeping 101 Classes are the perfect option. Come to our location in Waterbury, CT once a month, starting in February, and we will walk you through a complete beekeeping season. Start your private training sessions today by calling Ferreira Apiary at (203) 293-7353


Taking a beekeeping class is very important for today’s beekeeper. There has been many changes since our grandparents kept bees. Without knowing how to keep bees today, you might lose your new hive quickly to mites, wax moth or the first winter. Be well informed before you start keeping bees by enrolling in one of our beekeeping classes. Prepare for the up-coming bee season and while you are at our apiary you can purchase your hives and equipment and save shipping!

Most local beekeeping courses begin in January.  We highly recommend a beginning course. There is also a lot of information and support provided at our monthly club meetings through lectures  from local beekeepers as well as outside speakers in the industry. We  share ideas and info on new products that we have tried and give lots of encouragement.


An ADVENTURE awaits you, whether you are interested in how honey is made, the prospects of owning your own hive, or conquering your fear of stinging insects. These are just a few of the accomplishments of our two-session classes. There is something of interest for everyone and the classes are appropriate for all ages. We encourage family participation in this hands-on, safe environment.

These sessions are also for those who already own their own bees but have never really understood how to manage them. We can also schedule advanced training at your location or ours.  
We will cover History: How did we get to this point of honey bee management? 
Math?? Yes, Math! Creation is literally supported by mathematical equations, and our honey bee (apis Mellifera) is no exception to this fact. 
Science: Lots of it as we go along, as well as the construction of the hive.

In these sessions, we follow the life cycle of the honey bee beginning in May and concluding in August. Ferreira Apiary aims to introduce beekeeping in order to promote bees and beekeeping and in so doing, stewardship of the environment. In support of this mission our seminars and mentorship programs help teach beginning beekeepers how to responsibly keep their own hives. Additionally, we develop and maintain urban apiaries that serve as the location for hands-on beekeeping classes.

Most local beekeeping courses begin in January. We highly recommend a beginning course. There is also a lot of information and support provided at our monthly club meetings through lectures from local beekeepers as well as outside speakers in the industry. We share ideas and info on new products that we have tried and give lots of encouragement.

If you are considering looking after bees yourself, why not come along and meet us and see what you think?

Children & Beekeeping

At Ferreira Apiary, we encourage parents to welcome the opportunity to engage their kids in nature. A strong awareness of the natural world in the young should be positively encouraged. There are many ways to do this, but few are as direct, hands-on and personal as a close encounter with a beehive or two!

Seeing thousands of bees working together, is magical to kids. Show them the queen, find some larvae, explain how honey bees make honey – all of this is a new and fascinating world to a young mind.

Embrace this involvement and actively encourage involvement. As kids grow older their ability to explore the scope and value of bees expands too. What starts out as a brief encounter with a mysterious box in a garden or field, can often translate into a life-long appreciation and involvement with nature.

The price for a presentation starts at $120 and may be higher depending on location, number of kids, age and the desired duration. Most presentations run 40-90 minutes.

Our classes/lectures include slide presentations, equipment demonstration, Q&A and our live honey bee observation hive (observation hive is not available late fall or winter).

Will the kids need bee suits?
NO. Although we do offer beekeeping mentoring to children, our classes/lectures do not require that children, teachers or parents wear bee suits. We will not be opening live hives or in direct path of colonies. Our observation hive is safe and closed, so no bees will be flying free.

We offer private classes and lectures to Homeschooling groups, Boy & Girl Scout Clubs and other educational programs!

Teach your kids about the importance of bees and pollinators with classes geared towards children specifically! We offer classes/lectures in your classroom, school assembly, youth group, scouts, homeschooling groups, summer camp etc.

Our presentations incorporate visual and hands on learning tools (including our live honey bee observation hive) to keep the kids engaged and learning! The focus of the presentation can be tailored to suit different age groups and/or curriculum requirements such as the common core. Our standard presentation is best for children ages 6 and up and covers:

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