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About us
About us

Ferreira Homestead & Apiary

Continuing a 100+ Years Family Tradition

Ferreira Homestead & Apiary was founded 15+ years ago by Mr. Ferreira, a 3rd generation beekeeper and Mrs. Ferreira in Waterbury Connecticut continuing a 100+ years family tradition dating back to Mr. Ferreira's European Portuguese roots. Mr. Ferreira is a certified master beekeeper and is currently enrolled in the prestigious Cornell University Master Beekeeper Program where he is working on his second MBC.

Mr. Ferreira is the founder and director of the Borough of Naugatuck Parks & Recreation Beekeeping Program and Bee Sanctuary at Andrew Mountain located in Naugatuck Connecticut. Mr. Ferreira makes numerous presentations throughout the year on various aspects of beekeeping, honey bees, pollinators and more to groups, schools and beekeeping organizations both abroad and locally.

Ferreira Homestead & Apiary aims to support honey bees, wild bees and pollinators as well as improve their environment. The long term goal of our apiary is to develop a strain of bees that have increased genetic diversity and resistance to diseases, parasites and the New England weather. To this end, we collect swarms to diversify our gene pool, and use limited mite and disease treatments to allow the bees the time to develop their own resistance. We, also, have expanded the number and range of our bee yards to various locations, emphasizing adequate nutrition and variety of bee pasture in their selection. Our queen rearing and research apiary is located in Waterbury, Connecticut between the Naugatuck Valley mountain range and the beautiful Litchfield Hills. Our production hives are located at other locations throughout Connecticut including Naugatuck, Terryville, Morris and Danbury. This highly productive and fertile region offers a dynamic interplay between beekeeping and agriculture. Our colonies consist mainly of Buckfast and local Connecticut raised northern Honey Bees.


We are here to help!

If you already have honey bees or you would like to start a new apiary but you need some help to keep them healthy and thriving, we can help you with our on-site support services. Whether you prefer to have on site support as you go through the hive or you want us to maintain your colonies, we are here to help!

Selecting the best location for honey bees on your property

Installing new packages of bees

Transferring wild colonies into proper bee boxes

Swarm catches

Troubleshooting problems with your colony

Honey Harvests

Routine Hive Inspections


Aggressive colonies

Correcting cross comb

Making nucs or splits

Post Mortem Analysis (if you lost your colony)